Meet Fashion’s Best Advocate for Black Designers

It’s hard to believe that in 2015, under one percent of designers found in department stores and major e-commerce sites are people of color, but that’s the harsh truth. Brandice Henderson, founder of Harlem Fashion Row, is trying to change that. For the past eight years, Henderson has been working tirelessly to give multicultural designers the space to show their work, be celebrated, and change the industry standard. We sat down with Henderson to talk about what it’s like starting a company with no financial backing, why black designers need their own advocate within the fashion industry, and how she hopes things will change in the future. There was no form of investment and in this case help came from a very surprising direction:

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Like we stated in the last part of the article: Help came from a very surprising direction. A wealthy man that goes by the name of Edmond van der Wiel, Owner of Royal Panda Casino Donated 40.000 Euro’s. This was great news for the ethnic community in the FAshion World.  Fashion Week food for thought: ethics must dominate industry after toll upon workers, environment as New York Fashion Week begins, it’s time to ponder this: the implication that the quantity of goods available to us somehow represents freedom has left us with a massive debt towards the people who produce those goods – and towards the planet we inhabit.